Tool Room Technician

As a Tool Room Technician you will inspect, analyse and measure used production tools and arrange tool repair or regenerations to ensure good quality spare parts.



-         Performing visual inspections and measurement to returned and new tools for production, using several measuring devices and instruments.

-         Analysing the wear on tools and deciding if damaged tools can be repaired or regenerated.

-         Detecting and identifying the cause of recurring damages to tools or products.

-         Arranging tool repairs by Lathe & Milling Operator or Polisher.

-         Arranging tool regenerations by external companies by preparing shipments and required documents.

-         Collecting, compiling and recording data gathered during tests and measurements

Waar ga je werken?

Our customer is one of the most technologically advanced packaging manufacturers in Europe for the beer, soft drinks and food industry.

The company is located in Helmond and it is a temporary job around 4 months.

Wat vragen wij?

Knowledge and Skills

  • Technical background.
  • Knowledge of factory processes.
  • Knowledge of production tools and metals.
  • Ability to use, maintain and calibrate measurement devices, test equipment and tools.
  • Knowledge of ISO/BRC standards, HACCP principles and health & safety regulations.
  • Good command of the English language.
  • MBO level 4.