Production worker


Do you want to start (right away) as a production worker at a meatcompany in Deventer? We are looking for English and Dutchs speaking candidates (m/v) who are not affraid of hard work. Your earnings are €12,12 an hour and after a short tour trough the production hall you can immediately start: parttime, fulltime, with a friend, for the summer or for a longer period! React immediately!


You will support the meatcompany in different departments in their production hall. There is a section where the meat comes in, another where it is sorted, another where it is labeled and another where its being prepared for shipping. In the production hall its 6 to 8 degrees which you can dress to accordingly. Its important you have no physical issues but the tasks can be devided to your own level of physique so woman and men are both able to handle the tasks at hand.

Waar ga je werken?

The company you will be working for provides meatpackages for almost all supermarkets in the Netherlands. Often when you are in the supermarket walking by the meatsection its been produces and sorted at the company you are working for. Because of summer and growing demand you can be sure of a job.

Wat vragen wij?

We are looking for people who are not botherd by the cold and meat we eat daily. There is no animals being slaughtered, just the processing of the meat.

Education or speaking the dutch language is not requiered just the simple and standard request of showing up on time and work.

If you want to sign up for a tour trought the production hall react immediately and start working very soon! Contact or call 06-22823791