Proces Engineer

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    32-40 uur

Do you have experience optimizing production processes and improving operational efficiency? Are you looking for a challenging new opportunity where you can use your skills to develop innovative solutions? Then we are looking for you!

  • Analyze and solve the problems in the production process, continue to improve the package/logistics process, and guide the manufacturing to be high-efficient, high-quality, and low-cost;
  • Build process technology capabilities of package/logistics, improve automation technology, process control standards, and build core process capabilities;
  • Leading the normalization and standardization of customized requirements, clarify and confirm customer's differentiated customized requirements, and rightly output E2E manufacturing customized solutions in time;
  • Planning and researching packaging/logistics process technology, organize packaging/logistics digitization and process capabilities improve project, increasing manufacture competitiveness;

Waar ga je werken?

This company is a leader in providing next-generation telecommunications networks, serving 45 of the world's top 50 carriers, as well as over one-third of the world’s population. Our products and solutions include wireless network products, core network products, network products, applications, and software, as well as terminals.

Wat vragen wij?


  • Practical experience in project delivery program design/ packaging plan design or in-plant logistics planning is preferred;
  • Familiar with MES, and have a deep understanding of the back-end logic of the manufacturing relative system.
  • Familiar with daily office software such as PPT/Excel, and have the ability to analyze and solve problems with quality engineering techniques;
  • Honest and trustworthy, proactive, careful and rigorous at work, clear thinking, good communication skills, and strong sense of teamwork.
  • Bachelor degree or above in science and engineering (such as package engineering, industrial engineering, logistics engineering, etc.);
  • Have relevant work experience in packaging, logistics, etc., understand the configuration of the Finial Assembly Product, and familiar with the manufacturing and processing modes of PTO/ATO and the order manufacturing process;
  • Have a good sense of teamwork, good communication skills, organization management and coordination skills.

What we Offer:

  • A weekly payment of your salary.
  • 8.33% vacation pay and 25 vacation days (on a full-time basis);
  • A travel allowance
  • Participation in the pension plan.
  • Personal development: during your contract you will have access to the Adecco Academy, with 150+ online trainings and courses.