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Cycle yourself fit and become a bike courier at in Amsterdam! Earn salary*) and all tips are yours to keep! Freedom of flexible working (part time or full time) or do you prefer the security of a guaranteed minimum of hours?

*) Includes vacation pay, value of vacation days, city allowance and average peak hour bonus depending on age, region and time of day! You'll also receive an allowance for each kilometer travelled.

If you start from home, your shift will start from a selected area in your city. You use your own bicycle and will be compensated by receiving a mileage allowance.

Working and earning money in the open air, cruising on your cool bike getting to know your city and having lots of customer contact. Something for you, this sporty job?

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Wat vragen wij?

Besides dedication and the ability to provide a good service, you speak the Dutch or English language. You are available at least 2 shifts (once during the week and once in the weekend).


What we offer

  • You will earn a starting salary of € 11.00 gross/hour (from 21 years of age and older)
  • For every cycled kilometer during your work you will receive € 0,10
  • You can work flexible from 2 shifts per week, but more hours are also possible
  • 8,33% vacation allowance, 25 vacation days and pension accrual from 8 weeks worked (in case of fulltime employment, otherwise on a pro rata basis).
  • And of course all tips are for you!

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