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The Adecco Experience, where to begin?
Let’s say it all went very fast. One moment I received a phone-call from Adecco if I’d liked to join their new WaytoWork program and the next I’m sitting behind a desk typing this blog.

The first day I was a little overwhelmed with information and impressions. The company was very professional, especially compared with my former job. That was small office with wild bulls running around and the burning sun above our busy heads (Side-note: Outback Australia). This office however is in the center of Heerenveen and the only thing running around here are the nice people. At the clock of 12 you hear a loud voice screaming “FOOD!’ through the hallswalls and everyone gets up to eat lunch together in the canteen. Very homely! As lunch is provided my packed cheese sandwiches made a return journey home.

So about the company, Crossmedia Communicatiegroep isn’t just one company, no there are five! Each with their own specialties and experts. CMCGroup is like the big umbrella that falls over these companies. After I’m settled in a bit it’s time for my first assignment. Writing an article about a campaign they’ve just designed. I’ll get to do interviews with people involved and learn on the spot. Very interesting. This also included a nice visit to the head office of the client. Everyone is very patient and enthusiastic to tell about the project. And why wouldn’t they? At this moment I’ve just finished writing the article and got a positive feedback from the client. So far, so good. Assignment number two is waiting for me now, which is writing a communication protocol for the use of social media. To help profit their brand name, because hey... I’m a Brand manager this month!

The WaytoWork is a great way to get back into work mode. CMCGroep is a very friendly and professional company.  I’m working on some interesting projects and met great people. (Thanks to some of them I can now proudly sing the new summer hit, Salsa Tequila...Thanks guys!). I’ll add this experience on my resume and see where it brings me.  

Esther Schreijers