Adecco contributes to global staffing report “Adapting to Change"

Ciett/Boston Consulting Group research shows that countries with appropriately regulated private employment services have better functioning labour markets
Zurich, Switzerland, October 17, 2011: Adecco Group, the global leader in Human Resource services, participated in the global study “Adapting to Change”, which was jointly produced by Ciett and The Boston Consulting Group. Adecco is a corporate member of Ciett, the international confederation of private employment agencies. The report reveals that private employment services reduce structural and frictional unemployment by ensuring a better and faster match between supply and demand of work.
Alain Dehaze, Regional Head of Adecco France and Ciett Board Member, said: “The recent years of economic volatility have increased the need of flexible work solutions. The findings of the study showcase how well private employment agencies such as Adecco provide the right people at the right time, serving both workers and companies’ interests by delivering decent, regulated workforce solutions across the globe.”
Countries with mature and appropriately regulated private employment services prove to have better functioning labour markets, resulting in job creation, smoother transitions, higher labour market participation and lower levels of illegal work. Better functioning labour markets provide a base for economic success. “Adapting to Change” reveals that three-quarters of organisations using private employment services accelerate faster out of a downturn.
Today’s labour markets have to adapt to seasonal, cyclical and structural changes. At the same time, economies have become more complex and less predictable. The combination of these challenges requires a labour market model enabling governments and businesses to adapt quickly. The research shows that the staffing industry succeeded to balance flexibility with security for organisations and individuals alike. Private employment services create jobs that would not otherwise exist and reduce structural and frictional unemployment by ensuring a better and faster match between supply and demand of work.
The findings of the report clearly show that private employment services can help to provide a raft of solutions that will not only fuel economic progress, but also protect workers and support the social role work plays in the lives of individuals.
Ciett has published this report as part of the first phase of a global journey which will cumulate in an action plan issued at its Annual Conference in May 2012, calling on policy makers, businesses and trade unions to develop appropriate labour policies and regulations jointly with private employment agencies.
Furthermore, the implications of “Adapting to Change” will be explored in a debate session in Geneva today, ahead of the ILO Global Dialogue Forum on Private Employment Services, starting on October 18, 2011.
Adapting to Change – a Ciett / Boston Consulting Group report
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